Enjoy effective all day protection with our natural deodorant. We’ve combined the best odor absorbing ingredients to keep you fresh and confident all day. Free of parabens and aluminum, these deodorants really work. Get fresh and stay fresh!

Perfume had been used to cover body odor for many years. Antiperspirants reduce underarm sweat and destroy or mask unpleasant odors. The original active ingredient in antiperspirants was aluminium chloride but skin irritation from such led to the use of aluminum chlorohydrate. Aluminum based blends form a band-aid plug within the sweat duct that stops the flow of sweat to the skin’s surface. These products contain harmful substances which are absorbed through the skin or enter the body through nicks caused by shaving. Aluminium is a neurotoxin and has been shown to negatively affect the blood brain barrier, have unfortunate epigenetic effects and cause DNA damage to a number of species.

It seems that many people are aware of the harmful ingredients in deodorant and either don’t care or can’t find a healthy alternative that works. A downside to the healthy alternatives is that they don’t contain the ingredients that block sweat. However, it is healthy and normal to sweat. That is why we have sweat glands. It is up to you… do you want plugged up, unhealthy armpits that don’t sweat or do you want to have healthy armpits and sweat like a normal human being?

Here is our organic alternative to the typical deodorants that have a mixture of strong perfumes and synthetic preservatives. Our organic essential oil blends help keep you smelling fresh and control odor.  Yes, you will sweat but you will smell good all day long. Contact us for a free sample today! You’re pits will thank you.

Deodorant Tubes

2.65oz $13.25



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