All About Ingredients

Personal care ingredients come from a variety of sources but are not considered by most consumers. Cosmetics use colors that sometimes come from startling sources, ranging from crushed insects to rust. Cosmetics date back to early civilizations. Over the years the ingredients have changed greatly as we discovered how to manufacture our own formulas. The realization of the dangers of many standard ingredients also vastly affected the growing industry.

In the United States, the regulating body is the Food and Drug Administration. Aside from color additives, cosmetic products and their ingredients are not subject to FDA regulation prior to their release into the market. It is only when a product is found to violate Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act or Fair Packaging and Labeling Act after its release that the FDA may start taking action. The FDA may request a recall, work with the Department of Justice to remove contaminated or misbranded products, request a restraining order to prevent further shipments of contaminated or misbranded products, and take action against the company violating the law. A company may use any ingredient, other than color additives and those ingredients banned from use in cosmetics, as long the completed product is considered safe, is properly labeled, and isn’t contaminated or misbranded.
These gaping loopholes in public health laws give cosmetics companies the license to use almost any ingredient they want in their products, whether it’s sunscreen or baby shampoo, without any restrictions or requirements for safety testing. A majority of the personal care product ingredients known to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have not been evaluated for safety, according to the Environmental Working Group. Considering every man, woman, and child uses an average of 5-10 different cosmetics and personal care products on any given day, the safety of the basic ingredients in these products and their impact on our health and the environment is a pressing issue with much at stake.

Please use caution when purchasing or applying personal care products on yourself or your loved ones. It seems difficult at first but once you become familiar with the most common ingredients, it all becomes 2nd nature.

After becoming aware of the toxic ingredients in almost all of my personal care products, I was inspired to create my own products that I could trust. That is how Amafero was started.


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