Food for Beautiful Hair

When you’re having challenges with your hair and it looks unhealthy, your body is letting you know it needs help. External symptoms such as brittle or dry hair are good clues. Increase your intake of the nutrients listed below & you’ll start seeing results in weeks.

Vitamin A, C & E – Fights damage caused by aging & the environment. Foods: carrots, dark leafy greens & sweet potatoes / Vitamin C: citrus, kiwi & strawberries / Vitamin E: almonds, avocados, nut oils, peanuts & sunflower seeds.

Protein – Fortifies the hair & promotes growth. Foods: beans, dairy products, eggs, fish, meat & poultry.

Iron – Oxygenates blood & boosts circulation in the scalp. Foods: asparagus, dried fruit, egg yolks, legumes, red meat, dark leafy greens & whole grains.

Omega-3s (Essential Fatty Acids) – Prevent dryness & add moisture. Foods: flaxseeds, sardines (I know icky but true), soybeans, walnuts & wild salmon.

Silica – Strengthens the hair cuticles, boosting strands’ elasticity. Foods: cabbage, celery & steel-cut oats.


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